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in this case!’ Liu Chong
that this time is from the powder in the awkward struggle to climb up, wiped off the mouth of blood, Nusheng growled.
hear his roar,Coach Outlet Store Online, that the first shot in black robes who like bamboo-like old man, but it is looking slightly changed, but soon only one bite,Coach Outlet Store, looking cold and nodded. ‘They are so many people here, If the shot, then together ‘even if this person has a three bucket statue peak strength, can not achieve any advantage.
‘roar’ Under Liu Cang
roar, the rest of the day offerings were strong only quickly depressed heart Ju Yi, everyone at the same time the body of a grudge storm surge, and a Road forceful attack matchless fighting skills, is tearing space shoved Pushe.
will be the name of fighting nearly the same time respect for the strong hand, such as power and influence that is quite horror, this space is thus neatly as if shaking up.
see Liu Chong, who actually shot at the same time, Yun Yun cheek is a change, and hurried out of the channel.
facing Liu Chong,Coach Outlet Online, who together, but it is a giant golden Lengheng, anti-refundable, so that was across the earth tremble pace short, bright golden light, since the body out of the storm surge, far looked like a Buddha anger King!
not display any fighting skills, every part of the body of a giant golden, contains all-conquering forces of terror, fist waving over, space crack,Coach Outlet, crack a dark road, constantly spread open.
golden giant fist off, all the fighting skills of fighting skills, almost half are in an instant burst open, terrible Gang Feng, penetrating space, and finally give all those days on the offerings were poured into the strong body.
‘Puchi,Coach Outlet Online! Puchi!’
so terrible power,Coach Outlet Store Online, almost instantaneous, In addition to dark green willow and bamboo-like

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Holiness must be able to give him no small help to rescue the old drugs, and if he had help, high success rate is bound to many, after all, he is weak in the Plains is a very large number.
see 萧炎坚 hold, Mu Qingluan not to say any more, threw your hands up, said: ‘Since you insist on going, it can not blame me, but if, as you say, your teacher enemy disciples, to the time he elderly might help you intercede,Coach Factory Outlet, make thunder Court put you, his old face, even if that mine Venerable, also would not give in. ‘
Xiao Yan smiled and nodded, once again thank Mu Qingluan Road,Coach Outlet, a cry, and soon is heard at the stone came a hubbub, look a look, actually is two shadows have successfully reached the rat tide sonic array.
‘Come on, between the boom is coming.’ Mu Qingluan eyes glanced at the stone is, columbine – waved after Xiao Yan, Gang Yu turned, hesitated a moment, and said: ‘Yes, to remind you as much as possible to beware children and Wang Feng Qing dust. ‘
voice down, his toes a little rock,Coach Outlet, stature is floating grazing, and finally landed on top of the stone. Mu Qingluan
looking shadows, Xiao Yan nodded, eyes immediately turned implied dust and Wang Feng Qing children who faint Hanmang eyes flashing, if they were not to provoke their own just fine, if I do not opening the eyes that they have to let them know that he Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, is not able to rub dragonfly fancy punches either! Nine hundred and seventieth eight chapters deal Xiao Yan
be returned to the stone, the sound waves that pass through the array is already close to the end,Cheap Coach, and so was his dismay,Coach Outlet, that even in this short period of time, there are actually three of success to reach the top, so that the words stone bench there is almost nine, but places Tianshan blood pool, and after removal of the two places in the Rat bite,

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ring is satisfied, Xiao Yan mouth could not help but crack, this scene, so that was the time when he suddenly remembered the houtain – the city that he first met medicine remarks old scene when, in retrospect now, myself have half the text is a dream to play the hand with a touch of warmth. ‘
fingers lightly on the forehead touched the flame mark,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan involuntarily clenched fist up and whispered in my heart muttered:! ‘soul of the house, waiting for it,Coach Outlet Online, I will find the time to go home all accounts, both the knot a knot! ‘
‘finally saw the magma outside world again, ah, really miss ah …’ illusory self-satisfied ring in white robes floating figure out Skyfire Venerable looked around the mountain, sighed.
Xiao Yan smiled, directed at the hillside of a palm grip, a shadow Baoshe come, and finally into heavy foot fall into the hands.
‘Xiao Yan, now my soul is very weak, and can not appear too long to repair the soul of things,Coach Outlet Online, then please you, do remember that my soul can support is not much time, so you should pay close attention time. ” After lamenting something, Skyfire Venerable turned Xiao Yan, solemnly said.
Xiao Yan smiled and nodded his head and said:. ‘Please be assured Mr. Yao, Xiao Yan is not got no man advantage Officer’
flies again soon, Xiao Yan is going to leave for the Central Plains,Coach Outlet, wanted on that strong mixed open area gathered his strength is needed, whether it is in itself or from external forces, but if it will be as soon as possible Skyfire Venerable soul repair, so Xiao Yan side, that is, will be more of a right-hand man, which for Xiao Yan,Coach Handbags Outlet, a good but no harm,Coach Factory Outlet, therefore, in this matter, he is naturally substandard cut corners.
Skyfire Venerable nodded with satisfaction, slowly said: ‘If you in attendance,’ when five rounds of fire from the law

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